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Walter Builders is the right choice for the home buyer or owner who wants to plan the layout and be involved in molding the end result.  Walter Builders excels at custom projects.

Most people want more than just the conventional box, but many times, due to land cost, distance to work, and access to schools, buyers accept the subdivision setting. Naturally, every home looks pretty much like the one next door because the sales price and neighborhood associations pretty much dictate it.

 The search for something more nonconventional usually takes more effort and time and often more insight as to what could be.  The need to answer the “what if we could change this or that” usually comes into play.

This is the area where Walter Builders excels. Walter Builders provides owners with planning, drafting, and construction services for older homes and new custom homes.  We have 25 years of experience in these areas, and limit our work to a select number of projects each year.  We like to do 5- 8 projects per year and work 3 to 12 months ahead of the next project. 

Homebuyers want a home to feel “cozy” and to fit them and their life styles. Walter Builders encourages our customers to make a wish list, bring a paper bag in with all the ideas, and notes they feel will make the house a good home.  Planning the end result is enjoyable because the buyers outline their ideas and direct the choices to reach the end result.

A lot of homes are not as practical as they could be. Most of the newer plan books included steep roofs, ornate trim, atriums you can’t even change the lights in, and a lot of other things that can be a nightmare to maintain, waste money, and a lot of time. A carefully designed home or addition needs none of these to become a wonderful place to come home to each day.

Building homes in your county. Have land in Charlottesville, Albemarle, Crozet, or most anywhere in Virginia and surrounding areas? Need a home build for you?

If you have a project that you think will fit with our goals and philosophy, E mail me or call me 540-456-8732.    


Bill Walter

Walter Builders