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William T. Walter, III: Owner of Walter Builders. 

Education: BA from Bridgewater College, Graduate School Radford University

Home Building Experience:  real estate broker, speculative building, renovation and new homes since 1981.

Family: 3 children, Will, Dan, and Annie, wife, Sarah, a teacher at Henley Middle School since 1991

Home: Lived in Ivy for 24 years, and then built a new home in Afton to enjoy more country life and room to continue with four new babies…Labradors- one of each color, and all trying hard to worm their way into the living room.

Affiliations: Christ Episcopal Church, Charlottesville, Virginia and Blue Ridge Home Builders.

Philosophy: Treat others, as you would like to be treated, enjoy each day, and look at the bright side.  Life is too short to dwell on the negative.


David and Janna Gies  - professor and managing editor
Chris Bunin – teacher
John Dezio – attorney, concentrating in real estate and commercial law
Spencer Birdsong – banker
Richard Carter – attorney, concentrating in real estate and small business
Don Vale – school principal
Linda H. Michael – FAIA  (fellow of American Institute of architects)
Denny Milby – structural engineer, Dunbar, Milby, Williams, Pittman & Vaughan, PC
Kim Heishman – business owner
Mark Webb- University Facilities Management
Barbara McMurry- senior vice president, Montague Miller and Company
Steve Melton - Virginia Land Company, project manager
Eddie and Roberta Brownfield- Brownfield Real Estate
Michael Cross - investment advisor, Anderson & Strudwick, Inc. 293-8181
Teresa Haller –Nurse Manager, University of Virginia Hospital
Sarah Bingham – Professor
Matt Bednar- Ph.D.
Susanne Bednar- Attorney, McguireWoods LLP.
Daniel Keenan U.VA. Faculty
Martha Keenan
Ulrike Wartner, PhD.
Cindy and Brian O’Connor, Engineer of household and UVA. Baseball coach

If you have a project that you think will fit with our goals and philosophy, E mail me or call me 540-531-9900.

Walter Builders