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Additions & Renovations

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Bob's Place
Seth and Erin Master Suite
Jim's Idea
Martha's Bath

Cross Expansion
Cindy & Brian's New Place
DK's turns "Ugh" into Ahhhh!
Kirby Addition

Remodeling projects are different from new home construction. Scheduling trades tightly and sequentially becomes major to minimize disruption to the owner's daily routine. Each remodeling project is different, and each trade will need an exact work scope and a time schedule to make the project run smoothly. Remodeling is more expensive than new home construction because price breaks are not available for small jobs, site access is limited, wedding new to old is always more labor intensive, and work performed in the home is less efficient. Seldom can two trades work at the same time. Owners view the remodeling workplace as their home, not a job site! Dust control, furniture moving, hours of work, pets, children, shrubs, fences, established lawns and driveways, hand carrying materials, and clean up is not required in new home construction, and it becomes a major consideration in home remodeling.

Most home owners can not read plans or visualize the project meaningfully. Walter Builders draws all projects using computer design and can show the owner how it will look from the interior or the exterior. This step is crucial!!! It is a major cost saver to the owner. Walter Builders has been doing computer aided design since 1989.

If you are considering a major change, save the worry, money, and phone calls and "not answered" problems and “not returned” phone calls. Call Walter Builders 540-456-8732 or 434-531-9900 or click here to get an estimate and you will get quality service, accurate cost and accurate plans if you decide to go forward.

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