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Homes Under Construction
Walter Builders has speculative homes that we build from existing plans, but our favorite activity and our preference is working with an owner to custom design and build.  Sometimes owners come with plans the architects drew up for them, but we still enter it into our system to study the plan for costing purposes.  This attention to detail also helps tremendously when the owner wants to move a wall or a window and then see if it looks ok.  Major changes are referred back to the architect.

Owners that have purchased  their land and want a custom job is a perfect fit to our business model.  We can assist the owner with the house site, septic location, well location, set backs, easement restrictions, engineered septic systems, and pump systems, utility access, and state highway entrance requirements.  If you want to build on land you own, and want it custom, call Walter Builders.

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Wood Haven
Nelson, close to Charlottesville
Cream Street 10 by DKW

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